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Team Ananda

Ananda Farms is dedicated to providing safe products for consumers everywhere. Our farms naturally grow great tasting, high yielding, and organic hemp. The mineral enrich soil, crisp air quality, and unique fast-growing summer climate in Upstate, NY are ideal for producing one of the world’s most nutrient-rich and beneficial “Super Foods.” And because Ananda Farms has hydroponic greenhouses, we have the capability of providing this superfood all year round!

Through the cultivation, processing, and exploitation of this plant we seek to promote solutions to problems such as the lack of employment for veterans, poverty, starvation, improvement of the environment (such as the negative impact of pollution), and negative social conditions affecting Americans (and those especially vulnerable in our country, our veterans at-risk in the communities).

Ananda Farms is working with experience farmers and a spectrum of legal experts, industrial hemp experts, botanical processing experts, and marketing specialists to ensure optimally achievable compliance, optimal quality and consistency, and effective brand exposure. 

The entrepreneurs and partners who accompany us in this project, possess a wide range of knowledge about Industrial Hemp, its production and what is derived from it, which means an ample competitive advantage or Ananda Farms, to position us as pioneers in the development of this type of industry in the market.

The attention we give to managing our quality, nutrients-rich soils, growing healthy foods, and packaging and delivering our products exemplifies traditional home-grown values.

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